A Different Sort of Garden

by Practice Garden

Last year, I typed more than I weeded. I lingered more in web design forums, and less so among rows of blooms. I planted -and transplanted- the bits of thought and inspiration that make up my different sort of garden. I’ve poured my heart, my dreams, and all my strength into it. 

It is Leafi Daylily Marketplace. It’s made entirely of programming code, but I think it’s beautiful. Leafi is a marketplace made with love- just for you. 

I buy daylilies. I sell daylilies. And I've found several problems we all face...

Finding the next daylily on your wishlist could be easier if there was:

  • A database of every daylily that’s for sale, who's selling it, and for how much.
  • The ability to search by cultivar, hybridizer, or nursery.
  • A smooth shopping experience. And a way to keep track of your orders.
  • And for next year’s dreams: a wishlist with links to easily find them again!

Selling the world’s greatest perennial could be easier if there was:

  • A free online store with unlimited inventory. Picture it: your logo, a nice big picture of your nursery, and maybe even a blog! A place of your own, not just a series of listings that expire or get lost in social media.
  • Pre-made product pages for every cultivar- including new introductions. Oh, what a time saver that would be!
  • An easier way to get paid: without sending invoices and dealing with the myriad of payment methods required.

Leafi Marketplace is the solution that I've worked tirelessly for 4 years to create. This has always been- could only be- a garden for us all. It's growing every day! And it is my long awaited dream-come-true to welcome you to it.


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