A letter from the Lady behind the Logo

To the Daylily Community:

Welcome to Leafi! The marketplace made with love- just for you. Without you, Leafi is just a marketplace- a proverbial street full of empty shops. Your beautiful daylilies are what fill the shops. Your quest to buy the next incredible addition to your garden- that fills the street. YOU are the heartbeat of this place! 

So each of the 1,000 decisions that went into creating Leafi have been made with you in mind...

I've sold daylilies on a small website- just like some of you.

I've sold daylilies on Facebook- just like some of you.

I've sold daylilies in person, in the middle of summer, in the middle of the day, baking to death in the heat because that's when a customer decided to visit...just like many of you!

I've searched through the first 3 pages of Google, followed by pages of price lists, trying to find the market value of an older cultivar. 

I've shopped on Facebook- and then googled the cultivar and found a markedly better price elsewhere...but I didn't know the reputation of either of the sellers. With no reviews, who's to know who to buy from?

I've read your Facebook comments and Daylily Journal articles. I've listened at the meetings at my local club. And I've lived it. This is where I've found my inspiration and my direction.

So here it is- just for you. The daylily you can't find anywhere- it's here. What everyone else is charging these days- it's here. Ratings and reviews on the sellers you've never heard of? Here. A shop of your own that doesn't waste your time and leave you frustrated- all yours. Did I miss anything? Tell me all about it- I'm at your service.

With tremendous respect for all that you do, I remain yours faithfully,

Sharon Mayotte


Congratulations Ellen on winning the Stout Medal for one of my favorite plants!
Well deserved and so happy a diploid won! ????????????????✌????????????????????
Thank you, Thank you..... This is what all of us daylily addicts have been searching for.... a one place stop to find that special daylily.... and reviews of all the different sellers..... As I purchased from 32 different sellers this year, it would have been very helpful to see reviews before purchasing.... and I'm so looking forward to being able to "find" those missing older daylilies for my Stout, LAA and Historic gardens.... so, Thank you again for all your hard work from every Daylily Lover out here.....
I really love your website and what you are doing here! Keep up with this Good WORK!
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